About Us

Businessman-Working-at-DeskZitek Insurance Group started out of the need we saw with business insurance agents and brokers. We saw first hand what business owners had as their “partner” in insurance. It was quite frighting to know these insurance professionals were negotiating coverage’s about something they had no idea what it was or about. To me they acted like today’s drive-by-media. They heard something somewhere and they want it regardless of need or cost. For years we saw these insurance professionals forget important coverage’s for their clients. I can’t count how many times I had bail out one of these insurance agents because they negotiated something wrong. I thought to myself, if this lack of knowledge and professionalism is happening on the business side of insurance, what about the personal side? This upset so much, I left my corporate position as an underwriter and started Zitek Insurance Group.

I want this agency and our staff to know insurance coverage’s. We will have read the policies we sell, know how the coverage will impact our clients, and be able to explain in plain English to our clients of what they are buying.

So back in 2013, I started Zitek Insurance Group in Lakeville, Minnesota. Our first office was located at the offices of Lakeville Executive Suites just off Dodd Blvd. & Hwy 50. We have now moved into larger office space at the Johnson Building right outside of downtown Lakeville on Lakeville Boulevard. We are conveniently across the street from Lakeville’s long time restaurant, The Buckboard.