Be All End All Insurance Agent

Let me ask you a question.  Do you like a one-stop shop for everything?  Sure, everybody wants to be that one resource for all of your business, be it personal or business.  Heck, I like going to the mall for back to school shopping.  But with teenagers, there is not one store in the mall that we can get everything.  The good thing the mall has is that it has many different retailers selling different products.

How about those large electronics stores?  The ones that have all the latest gadgets and TV’s.  What am I getting at?  Let’s say you walk into that large electronics store and you get only one customer service person for all of your needs.  They assure you they are an expert on camera’s, cell phones, TV’s, appliances, and computers.  Do you believe the information you get on any of those products is the best information for you to make a decision?  Can one person be all, end all, with all that information?  Ok, here’s another one.  Let’s say you walk into an auto dealership that happens to sell every model from every manufacturer in the world.  Do you think you get best knowledge on the car you want or just enough to be dangerous?

Well I believe you get what you pay for.  If you want the best knowledge, best service, you specialize your shopping needs in what you are after.  This can apply to insurance as well.  How can one individual sell the best life insurance?  Do they represent all companies, do they know the little differences on every kind of life policy?  Wait, they also sell auto insurance, and yup, business insurance.  I think you get my point.  When the product is important to you, you want the best knowledge and service for that product.  If you are a business, you cannot afford to have gaps in your coverage.  If you do, you get to explain to the owner and their employees saying you thought coverage was afforded.  You bought your business insurance from the company with all of those funny ads on TV and the radio.  They told me we had coverage.  Sorry, but now that business just went out of business, and the employees are searching for a new employer.

For me, I know a lot about business insurance due to my underwriting background.  I might say I know more than most agents (yes a little arrogant).  But when it comes to personal insurance (home, auto, motorcycle) I know enough to be dangerous.  You bet there are a lot of similarities, but it’s hard, very hard to say you are an expert in everything.

Besides, all of us want our Family Practitioner to do our brain surgery, right?