Black Friday Tradition

By Amanda Zitek

Growing up, Black Friday was always that one day of the year which seemed like a holiday, but wasn’t really a holiday. It took years for me to convince my mom and her best friend to include me on their shopping spree! One year, it finally happened.

Its one of those memories that is forever burned inside my mind. I can remember the night before and all the prepping that needed to be done. My mother, Toni, told me to lay out some warm clothes and set my alarm clock to 4am… 4:00AM! This was the earliest, most absurd hour to go shopping I thought to myself. However, my mom is always right, so I laid out what I thought was considered “warm clothing” which included my favorite Uggs, mittens, and a sweatshirt. Let me tell you, this was mistake #1.

Before I knew it, it was time to go! Running on about 3 hours of sleep I was filled with excitement and adrenaline to go get those deals! We met up with my mom’s friend Merri at Caribou (this was before I knew coffee was like crack to adults). We all went over the game plan. Which stores at what times, what sections people were in charge of, and most importantly who was grabbing what for who. Once we had a solid plan, we were on our way.

Target was stop number one. We pulled into the parking lot and it was PACKED! There was a line of people all clustered together waiting in anticipation to get in. The store wasn’t open yet, we still had about 45 minutes to go! It was cold. Very cold. As time went on, the number of limbs that were going numb started to increase at a rapid rate. Eventually, the doors opened! The light from inside was shining on all of us, like the gates of heaven were opening.

All of a sudden both my mom and Merri crouch over like we were in a split second huddle, “Toni to electronics!”, “Merri to toys!”, “Amanda run, grab the cart and meet us back there!” — Then they were GONE. Never in my life have I seen my mother blitz like that. I started to be pushed into the store by the other deal hungry people. After I found a cart it was like looking into a sea of chaos. Finally, I stroll to the back of the store where I see them both holding more things then humanly possible. They unload the toys into the cart and we were off again. With a quick stop at the check out, we were on our way to Walmart, Mills Fleet Farm, and Macy’s.

After about 8 hours of solid running, shopping, freezing, and standing the spree was over. We followed our game plan to a T and did a solid job at purchasing everything on their lists. I was exhausted! After making it home to glorify in all the triumph we achieved that day, I realized Black Friday was definitely not a holiday. Black Friday was a sport. Next year, I was going to be ready.