Commercial Auto Fleet, Tires…

As I look out the window today, it is raining and mixed in are a few claps of thunder.

When it rains or when we get snow, I get a little nervous about auto accidents. Not only as an insurance agency, but personally as a father of four children. We all know accidents happen all the time. Drive around the Twin Cities in rush hour and I bet your commute is affected one way or another by an accident. But when those roads get wet, my senses are heightened even more so.

Here at Zitek Insurance Group we insure many different kinds of commercial autos. We have fleets of salesmen vehicles to large delivery trucks.

All of these vehicles have things in common, one of those are tires. Tires are extremely important for a commercial fleet. I’m kind of a freak about tires with my family. I make sure my family has the best tire on the market at the time we buy. Personally, new tires with great tread saved my vehicle from an accident.

A few years ago a vehicle pulled out in front of me, I mean right in front of me causing me to slam on my brakes, swerving to avoid hitting that vehicle. After my heart calmed down, I remembered my car moved and stopped in the direction I wanted it to go, preventing me from getting in an accident. However, if I had bald tires or almost bald tires would the outcome have been the same? My Chrysler 300 would have at best been busted up with that car, or worse, sent me flying into other vehicles or the ditch.

My discussion today is not about what tire is best, but to stress the importance that good tires with good tread is an important safety feature for any business. Your decision affects not only your employees and their families, but all other families who happen to be on the road.

As a small business owner myself, cost is a big deal. I could always use the money elsewhere, I get it. But if your business has employees driving your company vehicles, think about this. If one of your employees happen to get into a serious auto accident, your pocket book suffers. Your auto insurance will rise…costing you more. Plus your workers compensation will take the loss, driving up those costs. So maybe in the short & long run, the cost of new tires pay for themselves.