Is there such a thing as a world winning lawyer?

Three guys walk into a bar. An insurance guy, an investment guy, and a lawyer…I guess the joke is over as anything dealing with a lawyer is not funny.

We have heard many lawyer jokes in our lifetime, and in our family, we hear many, many bad jokes.  However, our family is different, we actually have a world winning lawyer. Did I just say world winning lawyer?  Yup a world winner, here is the story.

My brother Pat is a lawyer and an Adjunct Professor at Mitchell Hamline School of Law in St. Paul on beautiful Summit Avenue.  His specialty is negotiation and he is the head coach of the school’s negotiation team.  Although there are many types and kinds of lawyers negotiation is a critical component every attorney should excel at.  Because negotiation is very important in the profession, law schools have negotiation teams to help their students excel as attorneys.

It’s not easy to make the team. There are many students, but only a few can make it. Once the team is made, they practice and start competitions against other schools.  Winners advance to the Regions, and if you win regions you advance to the Nationals. Under my brother’s guidance, his teams have advanced to the nationals three times prior taking 3rd which is no small task.  The 2017 Mitchell Hamline team was special. They advanced to the regions, winning and advancing to nationals.  At nationals they took on and beat law schools everyone has heard of before like Harvard, Yale, Stanford, etc. and won nationals. This is the first time in Mitchell Hamline Law Schools history that they won nationals. By winning nationals this gave Mitchell Hamline an invite to the International Competition in Oslo, Norway.  The international competition is only open to the national champions of each country.  This year, teams came from 32 countries.  Long story short, Mitchell Hamline won the World Championship! This is the first time in the history of the world negotiation championships that any United States law school won.  Yes, all those years of Harvard, Yale, Stanford, etc never won the World Championship until my brother and Mitchell Hamline School of Law.  Congratulations to Pat and Mitchell Hamline School of Law for not only winning the Nationals but to being the World Champs!