Lakeville South Football – 5th Grade – Showcase Game

On Sunday October 2 the Lakeville South Football Association had it’s annual Showcase Football games.  These games are the highlight of the season for the players and coaches. Our team, Bjorklund / Zitek team, played on the Lakeville South High School main Cougar football field.  The game was being called by our special guest and non-other than our own Lakeville South Football announcer, Mr. Carlson!  After running thru the sign and onto the field, Mr. Carlson called out each player by name and used any nicknames they wanted to be called.  I want to give a shout out, thank you to Kim Bjorklund for making the sign for the 2nd year in a row.  You can see the video of them running through the sign below.  Next year our players will get to play on the field at the US Bank Stadium!!  Yes, that’s right, the new stadium of the Minnesota Vikings.  Everyone is very excited for next year.

On our season, as standings go, we were undefeated.  That is great, but the players developed beyond our expectations.  We were given the high school football playbook and had to teach them formations with long named plays.  We also had our guards pulling on plays.  It was an exciting season and can’t wait until passing league starts at the end of the school year.