Should you buy Liability Insurance for ATV’s, dirt bikes and snowmobiles?

Some of you like me have an ATV.  I just recently purchased a newer ATV and absolutely love riding.  I use it for hunting and mudding with friends.  Some of the guys I ride with have older ATV’s and do not carry liability insurance as they think it is not necessary.  After discussing with them all the reasons why you should, I thought to myself if these guys have this perception, then others do as well.  So today’s blog is about liability and your toys.

Everyone feels they are a good driver and will not get in an accident.  However, the very definition of an accident is that you will.  If you ride your own ATV and no one else will ride it, and you are on your own property, and not riding with anyone else, then you can make a case not to purchase liability insurance.  But I still insist you purchase it as liability insurance is for third parties and this coverage is for them, you are considered first party.

The problem with the thinking above is not so much you, but what if you ride into someone else?  What if someone else rides your ATV and hits someone else?  Who is on the hook if something goes wrong?  You are….  You might think your homeowner’s policy will cover you as it has Personal Liability and Medical Payments so you should be good.  Not really, your homeowner’s policy has many exclusions and liability for motorized vehicles are one of those exclusions.  This means you will be personally responsible for that other party.  In the end you might still be fine with this uncovered exposure but what about a serious injury or death to someone else?  Do you still feel the same way?

Don’t let cost stop you from buying liability insurance for your toys.  ATV, dirt bikes and snowmobiles do not cost an arm and a leg.  Annual premiums (depending on many variables) can be as low as $100.  And if you have a personal umbrella policy you can have these toys included for a small charge giving you at least $1,000,000 more in coverage on top of your primary liability limit.

So purchase liability insurance for your toys, enjoy and have fun mudding or riding the snow trails this year.